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Word Recognition Training

Welcome to the word reading and recognition speed training section.

This is a simple but effective puzzle that is based on word anagrams. However, the letters are not completely jumbled but rather they are split into sub-sections. This test works on your brains ability to identify and unjumble the word as quickly as possible. You are encouraged to read from left to right first and see if you can instantly work out what the word is. If not, then see if you can use your knowledge of English to work out which letters are more likely to be at the start and the end.

If all else fails, then the simplest method but least effective as this is a word recognition test, is to manually try the different letter combinations one by one in your head until you find the one that reveals the word.

In this section you get presented with a range of nine letter words that have been split randomly into component sections of two and three letters.

Your mission is to work out what the word is as quickly as possible.

Don't worry if it takes a little while at first, the whole idea is to see an improvement over time.

These puzzles not only make your brain think, but also help you analyse and digest information very quickly as you are challenged to see if you can work out what the nine letter word is extremely quickly.

As you progress through these word split puzzles, see how quickly you can work out the solution words.

How quickly did you work out the answer?
Word Split 1
Word Split 2
Word Split 3
Word Split 4
Word Split 5
Word Split 6
Word Split 7
Word Split 8
Word Split 9
Word Split 10
Word Split 11
Word Split 12
Word Split 13
Word Split 14
Word Split 15
Word Split 16
Word Split 17
Word Split 18
Word Split 19
Word Split 20
Word Split 21
Word Split 22
Word Split 23
Word Split 24
Word Split 25
Word Split 26
Word Split 27
Word Split 28
Word Split 29
Word Split 30
Word Split 31
Word Split 32
Word Split 33
Word Split 34
Word Split 35
Word Split 36
Word Split 37
Word Split 38
Word Split 39
Word Split 40
Word Split 41
Word Split 42
Word Split 43
Word Split 44
Word Split 45
Word Split 46
Word Split 47
Word Split 48
Word Split 49
Word Split 50