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brainpower bibleThe word 'expert' is one we see bandied around with great abandon on the internet, where hyperbole is rife and everyone seems to be an 'expert' on something.

So what makes someone a puzzle expert? Well, a puzzle expert will either be someone who is very experienced at solving puzzles, or at writing and creating puzzles. Often a puzzle expert will be both of these things, however that is not necessarily the case. Just like a tennis coach can be great at finding the improvements a player needs to make in their game but need not actually be good at playing the game, so a puzzle creator may be excellent at the innovative process of creating and coming up with new puzzles, but need show no great aplomb at actually solving other peoples puzzles.

However, one thing that all puzzle experts will have in common is a passion, and commitment, to puzzles. In most cases this means that their career and full time occupation is puzzling. They may specialise in one particular area - such as mental arithmetic and maths, or logic or even lateral thinking, but they will spend a large percentage of their time either creating or solving problems in their chosen area.

Here at brain training puzzle we have access to a range of puzzle compilers and solvers such as the author of the book on the right, and if you are looking to either have puzzles supplied or an author, writer or contributer of puzzles to write, compile or author a book - or simply provide an informed opinion for a newspaper or magazine article - then please do Contact Us with your requirements and we would be delighted to help.