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Perception Brain Trainer

Like most skills, we can improve our ability to perceive information more efficiently and more quickly with practice. What is the difference between perception puzzles and memory puzzles? Well with the latter, you will normally have to recall items. With perception puzzles there will usually be more information available to you than can reasonably be stored in the time available, so your ability to form a general impression and spot particular details is tested. For instance, with a perception test you may study a short passage of a film and then be asked questions about it. There will be more information than you can possibly store in the piece of film, so your ability to perceive and notice individual elements - for instance the colour of a person's tie, is what is tested, rather than recalling everything that happened.

These perception brain training puzzles will all give you a simple grid that contains randomly coloured cells.

Your mission is to study the grid for ten seconds, and then after that you must Hide the puzzle. You must then answer the questions that will appear underneath this fun brain boosting mental workout puzzle when you hide the perception brain trainer grid - good luck! A good method is simply to let your eye scan quickly around each row and column, noting anything interesting that you see. Don't specifically count occurrences of each colour which turns it into a memory puzzle, but rather try to perceive a general impression in your head then answer the questions based on that.


Once you have answered the questions, either look at the grid again to confirm your answers, or click to show the number of times each colour appears

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