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Memory Game

This Alphabet and Numbers Memory Game is very simple. All you need to do is look at the string of letters and numbers below, which varies in length between five and twenty characters.

The aim is simple: to remember all the letters and numbers that appear in as quick a time period as you can. Once you think you have committed the numbers and letters to memory, simply look away from the screen and try to write the sequence accurately on a piece of paper. Try to resist the temptation to look back at the screen as you are writing down the sequence!

Once you have written it down, turn back to the screen and check to see if you got it correct or not. Although this is a very simple memory game, it is nonetheless helpful at allowing you to practice committing random strings of information to memory at speed. Once you are able to consistently remember meaningless numbers and letters for a while you will find it much easier to remember a telephone number someone gives you until you can write it down or enter it into your phone memory!

How tricky did you find this one? You can Play Again as many times as you like, and each time we'll give you a different piece of random text and numbers to commit to memory as quickly as you can and then recall.

Advanced Memory Game Play

If you find that this game is just too easy for you, then there are two options:
  1. Speed up! Read across the letters and numbers at normal speed then look away instantly and recall the information
  2. You will probably have noticed that each letter/number has been coloured either red, blue or green. If you want an extra-hard challenge, try to remember the colour information too and get a blue, green and red pencil (or pen) and copy it correctly on paper. You will probably find this a lot harder to do than remember the numbers and letters, we would be very impressed with anyone who can remember the letters and numbers *and* colour information for more than about 12 characters.


We love hearing from our readers and those who enjoy the games at Brain Training Puzzles. If you have any feedback on this simple game, or other brain training games on this site, or indeed an idea for a development to this game or a new puzzle, we would love to Hear From You.