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Logic Training

Here are three small pieces of text. Each one contains a question. You must decide, based on the information given, what the answer to the question is. You may read through the information as many times as you like in order to help you deduce the correct answer.

Logical Thinking 1

When it is sunny, it is always hot. When it is hot, it never rains. Given this, should I take an umbrella out with me on a sunny day?

Logical Thinking 2

Every apple is delicious. Most pears are delicious. If fruit is not delicious, it is either horrible or tasteless. Which of the following objects could be fruit:

a) B is horrible
b) C is delicious
c) D is quite nice
d) E is horrible and tasteless

Logical Thinking 3

When there is lightning, you should always try to get into a car. If in a car, you are always safe in a lightning storm. If there is a lightning storm, and you are not in a car, you are not safe. Is this last statement true or false?


Once you've tried the puzzles above and honed your logical brain in the process, see if you got the correct answers:

a) No, because it never rains, and since an umbrella is used to keep the rain off, there is no point.

b) Statements (a) and (b) could be fruit.

c) The statement is false, because there may be other ways of being safe during a lightning storm other than being in a car.