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Lateral Thinking Training

Many people find it hard to think around a subject and take novel approaches. The logical way of thinking, assumptions, and reading too much into a problem can make it hard to make that mental leap.

Here are four lateral thinking tests for you. The important part is not to think that there is one correct answer, but rather to come up with as many creative but sensible solutions to the problems that you can.

Lateral Thinking: 1

In Premiership football matches, many more shots have hit the posts than in previous reasons. Can you think of reasons why this might be?

Lateral Thinking: 2

The best day for picking mushrooms is a Friday. But the question is - can you work out what makes this true?

Lateral Thinking: 3

Most cat lovers are also wildlife lovers. Yet cats kill more small creatures and birds each year than man and all other natural predators combined. Are cat lovers therefore illogical? Think of as many reasons as you can why this is not the case.

Lateral Thinking: 4

Ruby is reading a book at night time when there is a powercut and the light goes out. But Ruby carries on reading quite happily, without lighting a candle, using a torch or any other form of illumination. How is this possible?


Puzzle four has an obvious answer, but we would love to hear the fruits of your lateral thinking and the answers you came up with, and we'll reproduce a selection of them here. So please do email them to us here.