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Brain Training Articles

We have commissioned a set of articles that cover great tips on how to improve your brain power. Most of the methods and techniques and suggestions are simple but effective.

With the increasing use and interactive nature of the internet there is now even less reason than ever not to do a daily mental workout and exercise your brain.

These articles are aimed as being a corollary to the mental workout exercise on offer at this site.

How to remember numbers - this article looks at a simple technique you can use to make it easier to both learn and remember numerical information such as PIN numbers and phone numbers.

How to improve your memory - hints, tips, information and suggestions on powerful but simple techniques you can use to help you remember lists of information and store and recall them for a long time to come.

Continuity Training - this article looks at a continuity test and sees how observant you are as to differences between a scenario repeated twice with a few discrepancies.

Creativity Training - if you find creativity is in short supply, then this question will help you to unleash the power that is your creativity.

Lateral Thinking Training - Lateral Thinking - what's that? Well there are many possible answers depending on how laterally you think; this exercise takes a look at how to think laterally.

Reading text and Understanding - Being able to read and then understand, interpret and possibly act on the information given is an essential life skill. This test gives you a passage of text to read and then some questions on it to test understanding.

Logic Training - Logical arguments are rather important to all elements of our lives, so it's as well to be able to work out what the logical outcome of a set of premises are, and whether a conclusion is valid. Try these logic teasers to help train your logical brain.

Maths Training - Maths; a subject that many love but in equal measure many hate. Is the split 50/50? Here is a maths exercise in written form followed by a few questions that will help get your brain thinking mathematically without asking questions that are too daunting to answer with a little bit of thought!
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Brain Fitness
How fit are you... your brain that is, not your body!

Brain Games
Brain Games... what qualifies a game as a brain game?

Comprehension Test - Developing Comprehension Skills
Do you understand what this article is about? Read on for a comprehension test and information about this most useful skill to understand...

Concentration and Exercise
Are you concentrating? No distractions now, as you read on about concentration and exercise...

Diet and Your Brain
If you are what you eat, then do you eat what you are? Discuss. Moving on, here is some info on diet and your brain...

Fractions, Percentages and Decimals
If you don't know your decimal fraction from your percentage, then there is a chance that you will find this article useful...

Improving Spatial Awareness
The world around you is in three physical dimensions, so learning to understand and interpret that world is of critical importance. Here we look at ways of developing your awareness of the shape and space of the world around you and the objects and obstacles you encounter on a daily basis...

Improving Your Attention To Detail
Can I have your attention, please! If you find it hard to focus, and then maintain that focus, this article is for you...

Improving Your Language Capabilities
Hints and tips on improving your lingual abilities and in turn your understanding and appreciation of the world around you...

Improving Your Memory
Your memory is as good as you methods you use to remember things. Here is a simple but powerful method that can boost your memory.

Journey Method Explained
A clear explanation of what the journey method is, and how to use it to help you remember lists of items.

Memory and Food
Is there a clear link between certain food and an improved memory...

Mnemonics and memory
There are things that are easy to remember, things that are hard to remember, and things that you remember you don't remember, and...

Prisoners Dilemma
The prisoners dilemma is a classic problem from game theory - here we introduce the classical formulation of the problem with discussion...

Probability Training - Improving Maths Skills
Probability. The chances are you either get it or you don't. This article tells you what probability is, why it is important, introduces some important concepts and works through a simple question to help develop how to think probabilistically.

Problem Solving Strategies
Problem solving is an essential life skill - we all face problems, trivial or complex, everyday of our loves...

Puzzle Supplier
Puzzle supplier - if you would like to use our brain games online or in print, then please read this page then request for information...

Remembering Numbers
Need to remember a number but finding it hard? The technique explained here may prove useful to you...

Sentential Logic Connectives and Truth Tables
Sentential is the language of logic, but do you know what the connectives are and do you know what a truth table is, verily?

Speed Reading
Speed reading - the ability to extract key information from written text. How long will it take you to read?

Strategy Games
Start to think strategically by answering the question posed in our strategy games article and playing a simple game of strategy with which most of us are familiar from childhood...

stress and the brain
Are you feeling stressed? Well calm down, by reading this article on stress and the brain...

Types of Reasoning
Deductive and inductive reasoning explained - learn the difference between the two types of argument...

Ways of Tackling a Problem
More methods explained for tackling a problem and successfully resolving even complicated problems...

What Is Sentential Logic
The delights of sentential logic to the uninitiated may be a little bit obscure, but here they are in all their glory...