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Brain Training

Keeping the body in good condition requires exercise and a healthy diet. Keeping the mind in tip-top shape requires regular mental exercise by the same token. A great way of getting this is through doing puzzles on a regular basis.

Not only are puzzles great fun and engaging, they also have the benefit of exercising different areas of the brain, and they are starting to get more and more credit for their 'brain training' abilities.

For creativity brain training and improved creativity, you will find great benefit from doing lateral thinking puzzles, and these are starting to be used more and more by business to help their marketing teams come up with novel solutions and ask questions. We have a wide range of lateral thinking puzzles we can offer in this context - please contact us for more information.

For logical brain training and thinking clearly, the classic logic puzzle is hard to beat, and smaller variants that ask you to look at a few sentences and then decide whether the conclusion follows from the premises or not - in other words is the argument valid. This is also a key life skill and enables you to cut out the rhetoric of politicians for instance and focus on if what they say actually makes sense.

Perception, memory and spatial awareness can also be improved, honed and focused through putting yourself through mental workouts. Probably the best method is to do a mind puzzle each and every day of the year - these need only take a few minutes, but can help to ensure that you are using and challenging your brain each day in a way that your very familiar encounters and interactions with the world do not - how often do you drift through the day on 'auto pilot?'

Challenge your brain to work harder and you will reap great benefits as a result. To start you off we have a fun range of brain training puzzles on this site which are all free to play. In addition a range of articles with brain training tips is on offer.