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Brain Training Book

Our brain training puzzles book contains a large range of puzzles, including the following:
  • sudoku
  • sudoku X
  • extra region sudoku
  • smileydoku
  • kakuro
  • number tower
  • crossword
  • wordsearch
  • ABC logic puzzles
  • letter fit
  • word ladder
  • word pyramid
  • wordwheel
brain training book

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

About Brain Training Books

Brain training books tend to contain puzzles in all the different categories listed across this site to help speed up your brain and boost your mental abilities.

Categories covered include:

Whether you are looking to develop your abilities in one particular area or looking for an all-round brain workout, a brain training book should cover these skills.

Tasks tend to be designed to be solvable very quickly, and emphasis often placed on performing a series of tasks each day and measuring improvement over time. Split into a series of daily workouts, the brain training book tends to have a daily workout with a puzzle in each category per day. For instance:


how quickly can you work out what this word is:


study this diagram for ten seconds, turn the page and see if you can copy it exactly:-



study this diagram for ten seconds, then answer the questions underneath

2 colours appear the same number of times in the puzzle - how many times do they each appear?
Which colour appears the most times in the puzzle?


solve these sums as quickly as you can:
a) 4 x 3 x 7
b) 20 x 21
c) 13 x 14

Shape and space

Draw this image rotated 90 degrees clockwise:

rotate shape


Write a sentence that you don't think anyone has ever written before - it can be as whacky as you like, or just something you think is a truly original thought to you. It is very liberating to think that you are the first person ever in the history of the world to have had a certain thought.

We are currently producing a second brain training book with content along the lines above, please check back soon for more details.

If you are looking to publish brain training puzzles, publish a brain training book or articles/information on improving creativity, memory or other mind related content, please do Contact Us and we'll be delighted to assist.