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Brain Puzzles

What exactly are brain puzzles, and how do they differ from normal puzzles?

The short answer is that any puzzle will exercise the brain in some form or another, as they all offer a certain type of challenge.

Brain puzzles, however, tend to be more focused than the average puzzle on targetting and helping you to develop a certain section of your brain.

Scientists do not know a lot about the brain and how it works still, but it seems uncontroversial that different parts specialise in certain functions, and different people find disparate puzzle types easier or harder.

Now, we also know that exercise helps to develop the muscles and help keep the body healthy physically. And it is also believed that the more we utilise our brain by setting it mental challenges, so we can also help to develop the brain and improve certain abilities.

Therefore brain puzzles are simply those mental challenges that are focused on helping us exercise our brain, and often focus on particular areas. They can also be pitched at quite specific difficulty levels and work quite specific on developing certain mental skills - such as our spatial orientation, our ability to spot and discriminate patterns in the world around us, or to work through detailed logical problems and even challenge assumptions we implicitly make about the world around us.

Here at brain training puzzle, as the name implies, we have a large range of brain puzzles for you to play across a wide range of mental categories. And they are all completely free to play, and for many you can even play through a free account and see how you compare against our other players.

So now that you know what brain games are, feel free to tackle the range we have on offer here, or contact us if you wish to purchase or publish brain games and puzzles.